NEDIT MediaFace – Application possibilities


Application possibilities for the NEDIT MediaFace

With the NEDIT MediaFace we show the world of Media Architecture, Advertising, Art, Video Installations, Still Images and all of the further fields of visual applications, from a new perspective and open up totally new possibilities to you.

The NEDIT MediaFace will change your perspective. Attributable to the transparency and the possibility to customize the size, shape and contour, solutions are realizable which are unimaginable until now. Associated with the full-colour and video-capable presentation, there is no reason for you to limit your creativity. Try to think in new dimensions. We will realize it for you.

Architectural Design | Media Architecture


Entertainment | Stage Design


Outdoor Advertising | Corporate Branding

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NEDIT MediaFace and the daylight visibility

The visual quality of the NEDIT MediaFace is even by daylight, amazing brilliant. So you can feature your presentation in a perfect quality at any time.

Day and Night!

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Last update: 03.02.2012