NEDIT MediaFace - Product description


With NEDIT MediaFace you can use actually your glass facade for communication

As a world innovation, our NEDIT MediaFace combines completely contradicting contrasts:

It is the first full-colour and video-capable outdoor presentation system on facades that neither alters the building architecture nor impairs the free view from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

Also it is the perfect solution for large Stage or TV shows, Industrial Presentations and Brand Presentations.

NEDIT MediaFace is the new, exciting medium for Media Architecture, Advertising, Art, Video Installations, Still Images and Visual Signals. Day and Night!

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Size, shape and contour of NEDIT MediaFace

The size, shape and contour of NEDIT MediaFace can be adapted to suit individual requirements. The design possibilities and the size are almost limitless, up to 1000 square meters and more.

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Structure of the NEDIT MediaFace

The transparent NEDIT MediaFace achieves his display quality by aluminium or stainless steel slats with the standard size: 1 cm x 4 cm x 275 cm (W x D x L).

The slats includes up to 64 pixel with a pixel pitch of 4,3 cm. Each pixel consists of 4 wired LED’s (1 blue, 2 red, 1 green). The complete driver-electronic of a single pixel is inside the slat.

The slats will be mounted in basic frames. The distance between the slats (>= 4,3 cm) will be customized for each project, depending on the special requirements.

All slats of a NEDIT MediaFace are connected by control cables with the control unit.

As well the slats measures as the grid measures of the pixel, can be customized as purpose-built solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specifically requirements.

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NEDIT MediaFace quality policy

The system is manufactured in Germany according to all standards and can be custom fitted to your requirements. Always driven by highest quality levels (e.g.: we only use Nichia LED) the system offers a high transparency to be able to be perfectly integrated in architectural and creative backgrounds and comes with endless possibilities in animating the impressive LED front.

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NEDIT MediaFace and solar protection

The NEDIT MediaFace is not a solar protection system in the standard version. It is totally independent from solar protection systems or visual cover systems possibly mounted inside the rooms. The slats of the NEDIT MediaFace are not adjustable after they are once mounted.

But theoretically it is imaginable, to design the NEDIT MediaFace as a solar protection system too. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specifically requirements.

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NEDIT MediaFace and outdoor use

Das T-Com Gebäude am Tage.

Well, the NEDIT MediaFace has been developed for outdoor use on facade structures and is not a simple product extension originating from the stage and entertainment business. Therefore you can be assured that this product will fit into all outdoor requirements.

The NEDIT MediaFace is of course applicable in indoor environments too.

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NEDIT MediaFace and window-cleaning

All windows covered by the NEDIT MediaFace can cleaned through the slats, or (as special construction) after lifting of a segment.

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Last update: 03.02.2012